Other Ways of Working

Well the specialist sites do offer some nice features, there's maybe a few other options worth considering.

eBay and other Auction Sites

It strikes me that there's no reason why you cannot sell content on eBay. You could for example sell already completed articles, or alternatively, you could advertise your services as an article writer there.


As mentioned in my micro-working article, the online workplace CloudCrowd has a dedicated section for English editing. Anyone with a Facebook and PayPal account can sign up to the system. After joining, in order to gain access to English editor work you need to take a credential test, which will comprise of taking the corporate page of a badly written Chinese website and converting it into fluent and grammatically correct English.  It's relatively easy for a native speaker to complete, but bear in mind that the test can only be completed once and it will need to have nigh on perfect syntax and grammar to be accepted.

Once your credential is approved you will be able to access the Editorial tasks. The most constant form of work is editing word documents to correct spelling, syntax and grammar errors. Quite often these are submitted by students that know English as a second language and can be quite a challenge, but sometimes higher quality work is submitted. These tasks usually pay $1.65 per 300ish word page but the rate goes up in when large amounts of work are building up. Be warned that the standards expected for these are quite high; a single spelling or grammatical errors is enough to cause a potential rejection, although the reviewer may opt to correct your work in return for 25 cents (taken from your fee). Other forms of work I've seen here involved writing 50-word summaries and editing addresses.

Recently they have added credentials for writing marketing material and general content. These will form the basis of new content writing services they will be providing in future.

e-Lancing Sites

People will often advertise their requirements for article sites on the big freelancing sites (see my round up of these). These will basically function as the specialised writing sites do and act as intermediary between the employer and the writer.


Forums such as Digital Point provide a way for people requiring content to contact writers offering writing services. The advantage of this is that both parties can save money by cutting out the middleman. The disadvantage, of course, is that you have to rely on trust and reputation in your dealings, as there is no recourse in the case of a dispute.