The popular GPT site ClixSense has made the move to completely drop the pay-to-click side of its business. The admin cites a decline in that side of the business and the negative attention it attracts, such as being excluded from processing payments using PayPal. The PTC industry does indeed attract fraudsters. Some of these establish a new site with no intention of paying its users, while others may start with good intentions but run into problems down the line. This is why I have consistently recommended ClixSense and Neobux over the years.


ClixSense will also be dropping its $17 premium upgrade in favor of a single level of membership. Anyone currently on a premium membership will receive a refund for any unused days. So, how will this affect premium members?


On the downside, you lose the 8-level upgrade commission (as premium membership no longer exists), but commission on referral activity will now be 20% (subject to revision in future). This is double the previous rate for premium members and quadruple the 5% that standard members previously earned. The checklist bonus is now 7%, a slight reduction for premium members, but there's no longer a need to use ClixGrid or click PTC ads. A total bonus of 10% is also available for all members.


I doubt many, if any, premium members will be worse off after the change, and many will surely benefit from the increased referral earnings.  The biggest winners will be the standard members, and without the need for premium membership to get the best value from it, there's never been a better time to try Clixsense.


The full announcement can be found on the ClixSense forum.

After running with NeoBux referral for some time, I finally decided to take the plunge and try again with the quite expensive Gold membership. This is how I got on.


An experiment in renting referrals in NeoBux without investing any cash up-front.


With so many PTC sites out there, I thought it might be good to do a roundup of some of the best pay-to-click (PTC) sites on the net. I'll be focusing on offer walls, referral commissions, CrowdFlower tasks, cashouts, and referral renting, and I'll be making recommendations for each, as well as giving a table summary of all the sites surveyed.

The almighty Google AdSense and competing alternatives to it.

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