Bounts is a new rewards program that gives you points for completing certain exercises. The system basically ties into smartphone fitness apps and fitness trackers (like Fitbit) and credits you for your activity. There are three possible types of exercise:


  • Steps: You get a reward for completing 7,000 steps in a single day. These can be counted with various android and smartphone apps, as well as fitness trackers.
  • Exercise: This needs to be at least 20 minutes of some form of continuous exercise, but if you opt for a brisk walk or run, you'll also be getting steps.
  • Visiting gyms: A half hour at a recognized gym or sports center gets you points.

At the moment, there are participating reward shops in the UK, the USA, and India, but there's more countries on the way. Most rewards take the form of gift cards for various high street stores and Internet retailers.


It can take a while to build up enough points, but to get a head start, you can enter the code "jnewall587111" when you register. This will get you 100 bonus points once you complete your first activity. 


If you get lot of exercise, you might want to consider the premium+ option. This costs  £1.49 a month, but you get the following benefits:

  • 20 points for completing an exercise (up from 5)
  • Each activity can be completed three times (up from once)
  • 180 total potential points (up from 15)

This is not going to be for everyone, but if you exercise a lot, or if you have a job with a lot of walking (e.g. mailman), there's potential to earn a lot of points very quickly. It may also be nice to combine with Pokemon Go.